These services begin when the employee moves to the host country to start his new mission. They start with a complete tour of the community. We provide a detailed tour of the new community to the employee / family. These visits may include those of banks, shops, post offices, medical and emergency services, recreation, clubs, restaurants and other establishments at the request of the employee.

The counselor support services for installation on destinations accompanies the employee to do the driving license application, meet the local and national registration requirements, complete school forms and provide assistance for all other documents required in their new country and their new location.

• This day can be used by expatriates to meet their needs, to facilitate installation and meet its practical questions

• Home / transfer of Coordination

• Discovery of the district, close to shopping, practical life (public transport, doctors / hospitals ...)

• Presentation of local associations / clubs, leisure, sporting and cultural activities...

• Assistance in opening a bank account, insurance, mobile phone, Internet

  Assistance for the purchase or rental of furniture, appliance

  Support purchasing or leasing a vehicle